A bundle of books with Coelho and Gaiman

One of the websites that I’ve fallen in love with during the past year is Humble Bundle. I found it when a friend recommended I pick up an ebook bundle which contained Neil Gaiman, of all people, and I’ve stuck to it ever since.

For those of you who have somehow missed out on the awesomeness until now, the concept is simple: Humble Bundle sells bundles of digital goodies (most notably games, but often books, sometimes music/films) at amazingly low prices, with a part of the earnings going to charity, a part to the creators, and a bit to Humble Bundle (you can decide how you want to split the money). The bundles are sold for one/two weeks, with a part of the bundle going for as low as $1, another part becoming available if you pay more than the average buyer and, occasionally, a small part of the bundle available if you pay more than $10, $15 or something around that.

So, starting the 20th of August 2014, for two weeks, the book bundle from Humble Bundle looks pretty good. It’s from HarperCollins and it contains the following:

For $1:

  • The Curse of Chalion, by Lois McMaster Bujold
  • Twinmaker, by Sean Williams
  • Busting Vegas, by Ben Mezrich
  • American Gods, by Neil Gaiman
  • Map of Bones, by James Rollins (plus an excerpt from the Sixth Extinction)

For more than the average (currently, $6.93):

  • Angel’s Ink, by Jocelynn Drake
  • The Wasteland Saga, by Nick Cole
  • By the Blood of Heroes, by Joseph Nassise
  • The Witch of Portobello, by Paulo Coelho
  • More books will be added next week to this category (if you already got the bundle for more than average, they get automatically added)

For more than $10:

  • Dead With Walking, by Kim Harrison
  • Trouble on the Reserve, by Kim Harrison (this one is only available in this very bundle)

Now, in my experience with Humble Bundle, I’ve noticed that so many people read and review and rate the books in these bundles together, that on Goodreads if you go to one of them, you get recommended some of the others that were once in the same bundle.

I wish I could see the faces of Paulo Coelho fans when they pick up American Gods and get to read all about a man swallowed whole by a vagina. Just saying.

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