yours truly 3Random bio facts:

I’m Transylvanian, born on the 17th of June 1988 (under the name of Roxana-Mălina Chirilă). I write stuff. My first published story was in Inter[Sections] and it was an accident (I sent the editor a story because it was inspired by her; she asked me if it was okay to publish). I was once a TV scriptwriter (bad idea). I don’t have a Transylvanian accent.

I sometimes write/wrote fanfic (time is short nowadays, but I’m not officially out of the business), but I didn’t become a superstar fanfic writer; I got more recognition from original prose. If you’re on deviantArt and are familiar with the system, I received 4 Daily Deviations and 7 or so Daily Literature Deviations. Yes, I’m effing proud.

I wrote my BA dissertation on Neil Gaiman’s The Sandman and my MA dissertation on the literary side of fanfiction (as opposed to the social side, which tends to be more popular with academics). Btw, I majored in Japanese and minored in English, even if my actual skills are the other way around. My MA is supposedly in British Cultural Studies.

Areas where I geek: literature, literary techniques, cultural stuff (what I can get my hands on). Tech, a bit (I can write three lines of buggy code if necessary). Physics (I used to participate in national competitions with this one; I was good).

Anything you want to know, ask.


Short stories:

  • Internet in Inter[Sections]
  • ask me later, I have to move a few things around before this section gets completed.


[This section dearly needs editing, I know]


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