Don’t mind the Romanians

If you happen to be in London, Torino or any other place with a fairly large number of Romanian immigrants, you might notice some horrible queues on the streets today. Hundreds, thousands of people, 1 or 2 kms long, endless rows of people waiting in line since last night or early this morning, waiting, waiting, waiting.

These people are Romanians, trying to vote for their president. They’re also people making a point. It’s assumed that most of them support the right-wing candidate, Klaus Iohannis, and that they’re voting against the left-wing candidate, prime minister Victor Ponta.

By some crazy, random happenstance, the government failed to organize the elections abroad in anything resembling an organized, good manner. Many people abroad won’t get to vote. The struggle might be closer than expected inside the country, where there’s talk of fraud on the side of the left-wingers.

So what you’re seeing is just a headstrong, quiet resistance against the system. Carry on.

(And good luck to my brother, who’s currently standing in the London line, as well as to everyone else there)

(And to the people in Munchen, who’ve been standing there since last night – although they probably got to vote by now, even if there’s an estimated 4500 other people waiting in line there now) (source1) (source2)

(And to the 1000 people in a 2-km line in Torino) (source)

(And to the 3000 people in Paris) (source)

(And to my acquaintance in Stockholm, who waited for over an hour in the first round of the elections – and to the other people there. Not as much as others, but still!)

(And to the around 1000 people in Viena and Bruxelles each) (source)

(And to my friend in Barcelona, in the 2-hour line; as well as all the other Romanians there)

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